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Question: What if I have an Accident with the Rental vehicle Answer: At the Scene:

    a) Stop immediately, clear of traffic if possible. b) Turn off ignition. c) Leave lights and emergency signals on if practical and safe. d) Establish driver of other vehicle immediately. e) Ensure no injuries. f) If there is an injury call police immediately.

Collect the Following Information:

      a) Time of accident
      b) Visibility
      c) Weather
      d) Road conditions
      e) Amount of traffic
      f) Speed limit
      g) Average speed of traffic
      h) Estimated speed of your car
      i) Estimated speed of other car
      j) Number of persons in other car (adults, children, and pets)
    k) Date (month, day, year)

Information Regarding Other Vehicle:

      a) Year/Make/Model
      b) License plate
      c) Province/State
      d) Driver sex (m/f)
      e) Driver age
      f) Driver name
      g) Driver address
      h) Driver license number
      i) Registered owner and address
      j) Insurance company and agent
      k) Policy number
    l) Obvious damages

Passenger Information of Other Vehicle:

      a) List all names and addresses
      b) List all obvious injuries
    c) Police Information:

Additional Information:

Officer name:
Officer badge number:
Draw sketch of accident scene:

Once you have filled your Report with the Police you will be required to File a Report with the Car Rental Company within 24 hours of the occurrence in order to NOT violate the Rental Agreement.

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