Car Rental Conditions for 1 Day Rentals

1 (ONE) Day Rentals
The following conditions apply to 1 (ONE) day RentalsMonday to Thursday – 24 Hours from time you pick up to return of vehicle (Except Long Weekends)Friday to Saturday – Pick up is Friday morning & return MUST be opening time Saturday morning (8am)
(Regardless of Pick up time on Friday)NOTE: We are closed on Sundays & statuary Holidays

Internet Rate Guarantee

Our internet website prices are often discounted from normal prices. The discounted rates are guaranteed subject to the rental policies on this list. Should you cause an exception, the rate may vary.
Please print out and bring in your online reservation if possible.
On holiday and weekend rentals (April-November) discount coupons are not valid unless authorized by our management in writing.

Additional Drivers

One (1) Additional driver permitted per vehicle. A surcharge of $5.99 to $14.99 per day will apply for an additional driver listed on the Rental Agreement depending on the type of vehicle being rented.
Minimum age for additional drivers is: 23 years of age with a Class G license is required.
An extra driver fee will be applied to each additional person printed on the contract, regardless of whether or not that person will be driving the vehicle.
The person responsible for payment of the rental MUST be named on the rental contract with a valid driver license, again regardless of whether or not that person will be driving. Anyone not listed on the rental agreement is NOT allowed to drive the vehicle.
No additional drivers will be removed and/or added from the Rental Agreement after the vehicle leaves the rental location.
All additional drivers are recognized as an additional renter and are subject to Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement and are required to supply a credit card as security against payment until the vehicle is returned.

Holiday Period

During holiday periods discounts and coupon specials DO NOT apply. Holiday rates might be higher than Internet prices and are NOT DISCOUNTABLE.
If your reservation is made within 4 weeks of a national holiday the posted Internet price is not guaranteed, please call to confirm prices. During certain holiday periods such as Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday, Thanksgiving, Labour Day and possibly other holidays, the minimum rental is 4 days. This means that if the vehicle is returned before the 4th day, the charge will still be the full holiday 4-day charge. Due to the many reservation requests made during a holiday period, in order to confirm and hold your reservation, you must call in and give a deposit towards your rental.
Without a deposit we cannot guarantee the reservation. For further information please call our office.

Holiday Rates

During a 3 or 4 day holiday period, unless we specifically write otherwise on your contract, the rate quoted to you will not change if you decide to return the vehicle prior to the date/time printed on your contract.
For example: if you rent a vehicle during the thanksgiving 4 day holiday period, your rental charge will be the same if you kept the vehicle for 1, 2, 3, or 4 days.

Vehicle Restrictions

We at Toronto Luxury Car Rental are always concerned about your safety. Therefore, we have a policy that restricts the rental of certain smaller vehicles for very long distance trips. Our policy is that if you are traveling to a radius of over 600 kilometers you should travel in a roomier and heavier full size vehicle instead of a compact or mid-size. You will be more comfortable and safer in the larger vehicle. Please let us know your travel intentions and we will fit you in the proper vehicle for your trip.
Please speak with one of our representatives in order to create the right package for you. If traveling out of the country, to the USA, you must notify us and discuss the rental with us prior to arriving at our doorstep.

Mileage Restrictions

Please note that all of our exotic and luxury vehicles are limited to a certain amount of kilometers per day, included in the daily price (not more than 100 km per day). Any kilometers driven over the 100 per day will be subject to a mileage charge.
We will be more than happy to create a special package that will include all the necessary kilometers and the appropriate car that you will need, specially priced for you.

Age Requirements

Minimum Age Required to Rent: 23
Drivers age 23 & 24 years old: Young Adult Surcharge (YAS) surcharge of $10/day applies.
You must carry a Class G license and/or International Drivers permit with 2 pieces of photo ID.
You must be at least 25 years old in order to rent a 12 passenger van, luxury, exotic, specialty cars and SUV’s.
Corporate accounts = Age restrictions may vary depending on the criteria negotiated with Toronto Luxury Car Rentals and Vendor.
Please call with your specific situation and we will be happy to help you.

Authorization Amount

A pre-authorization deposit amount is required at the time of rental.
At Toronto Luxury Car Rentals, we will authorize your credit card for the rental price plus the amount of your deductible on the vehicle you are renting.

Credit Card Insurance

Most major credit cards such as Amex, MasterCard, and Visa offer Car Rental Loss Damage Waiver Coverage at no charge or as part of their annual fee to the credit card owner. Call your credit card company and ask them “if you have car rental insurance on your card?”.
If you are covered, you may decline our LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) and you will be covered for collision damages and theft on the rental vehicle with no deductible.
Credit card coverage does not cover you for Third Party liability, Accident Benefits, Bodily injury & Direct Compensation-Property Damage, if the renter is unable to provide coverage at time of rental there will be a surcharge applied to the Rental Agreement.
In most cases, luxury and exotic vehicles with an original sticker price of over $65,000 CDN will NOT be covered by the credit card.Please refer to your Cardholder Agreement for exclusions under the use of your card.

Cash Rentals

We DO NOT accept CASH rentals on any vehicle.

We do however accept cash as payment once your rental is returned.

Debit Cards

We at Toronto Luxury Car Rentals DO NOT accept Debit Cards with the VISA or MASTERCARD logo on it as a deposit for renting any type of vehicle. We however do accept debit cards as payment once the rental has been returned.

Deposit Requirements

You CAN NOT rent a car from Toronto Luxury Car Rental with a cash deposit. For deposits we accept: Amex, MasterCard, Visa( Canada and out of country), Diners Club & approved Company Accounts.
The deposit amount is determined by the vehicle that you have rented. Regular rental vehicle deposits range from $350 to $2000, Luxury & exotic vehicles deposits range from $2500-$5000.Please call our office if you have any questions.

Deposits for Luxury / Exotics / 12 Pass. Vans

In order to guarantee your reservation for an exotic vehicle or 12 passenger van, you must call our office and leave a credit card deposit for the reservation.
We will make ONE courtesy call to the telephone number or the email address that you supply us.Please call us after making the online reservation and confirm it with a deposit.

Minimum Notice Reservation

During holiday and weekend periods (as of April 1 and through the year), reservations must be made at least 48 hours before pick-up time in order for your reservation to be valid. Please note that even if you make a reservation and the computer sends you a reservation confirmation, there is the chance that you will not be able to pick up the vehicle you selected at the time you reserved. This is due to the chance that customers renting before you might be extending their rental without notifying us. In order to guarantee your vehicle you must call us with a credit card deposit prior to the company being able to confirm your reservation.
If you wish to confirm your reservation please call us at 416-233-6500 or 1-866-995-0997 with your deposit.
This is particularly important when you are trying to reserve within less than 48 hours of your pick-up time. We must have this policy due to the extremely high demand for vehicles during the peak times of the year.
We cannot guarantee your weekend or holiday reservation if you reserve within less than 48 hours prior to pick-up and fail to call in with a deposit on your credit card. In order to confirm, please call us and leave a credit card or cash deposit. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Drop Off & Pick Up Service

At Toronto Luxury Car Rentals we offer FREE pick-up and return service within our local area. We do offer a delivery service during business hours to airports, hotel, residences, offices, or other pre-arranged locations. The charge for this service is determined by the type of vehicle we are delivering and the delivery location.
Please call us as soon as you know your delivery time and date, and we will discuss the cost and requirements needed for this service.

Driving Area Restrictions

We allow almost all of our vehicles to be driven out of the Province of Ontario with written consent. (Some restrictions do apply).
Proof of Liability Insurance must be supplied by the renter when vehicles are driven to the USA; recent changes in the Insurance Act have restricted the use of rental cars in the USA. Out of country surcharges will apply for travel to the USA. We must be told where you are planning to travel to and your furthest destination. We want to make sure that you get the proper vehicle with roadside assistance for your long journey outside the province. Your safety and comfort is our concern.

Vehicle Return Hours

We DO NOT allow after hours vehicle drop off at our locations. However, knowing that all customer needs can not always be met during business hours we have a secure key drop box located at each of our locations for your convenience. Please be advised that any vehicles dropped off after business hours will be charged a fee and are the responsibility of the RENTER until the next business day. The RENTER will be responsible for damages and/or the loss of the vehicle.


Gasoline Refuelling

Our policy for refueling gas is very simple.
Please return the vehicle with the same gasoline level as when you took the vehicle. The fuel level amount will be printed on your contract and checked physically when the inspection is completed on check out. If you return it with less gasoline, we will charge you $2.50/litre used.
So, please check your gas level before returning the vehicle.

Holding Your Reserved Vehicle

We at Toronto Luxury Car Rentals will hold a confirmed vehicle reservation for ONLY one (1) hour past the scheduled pick-up time. Since there is usually such a high demand for exotic vehicles, SUV’s, and cars in Toronto, we ask you to please call us at 888-987-RENT if you are going to be late by more than one (1) hour.

International Drivers

International drivers are welcome. We DO ACCEPT foreign driver licenses from most countries. International driving permits are accepted along with current photo ID and Passport.
Drivers with foreign licenses will be required to have a current photo ID and passport in order to rent a vehicle. Photo copies of all ID will be taken at time of rental.

Late Hours / Charges

All rentals cars in Toronto are calculated by a 24-hour clock. There is a ONE (1) HOUR GRACE period. But, if you exceed the 24 hour period by more than one (1) hour, per hour late charges will apply to each hour late (starting from the first late hour) until you reach the daily rate. When the total late fee reaches the additional day rate, you will be charged only an additional day. The late fee policy will then apply on the next day if needed.
Passenger, cargo van & cube truck rentals may have a late fee amount if not returned on time due to the high demand at peak periods.
In addition you will be charged the hourly rate until you reach the daily rate. If there are any questions regarding overtime, please call us and we will be happy to help you.

Management Override

In some cases when renting a car, the customer might have needs or concerns regarding one or more of our policies. This is understandable. At Toronto Luxury Car Rentals we are here to help.
An owner or manager will always be available to speak with you regarding any policies that do not meet your needs.
Your satisfaction is our concern.

Payment Methods

Toronto Luxury Car Rentals accepts the following methods of payment: Cash, Debit Card, Traveler checks, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Carte Blanche and Diners Club.

Roadside Assistance

Many of our vehicles carry roadside assistance from the manufacturer. Roadside assistance means you can feel safe and secure driving a vehicle from Toronto Luxury Car Rentals. You can also be assured that should a problem occur (even something as minimal as a flat tire), you are just a phone call away from help.

General Motors Roadside
Mercedes Benz Roadside
BMW Roadside
Nissan Roadside
Infiniti Roadside
Mazda Roadside
Ford Roadside
Chrysler Roadside
Lexus Roadside
Toyota Roadside
Acura Roadside
VW Roadside
Audi Roadside
Porsche Roadside
Honda Roadside
Mitsubishi Roadside
Hyundai Roadside
KIA Roadside
Volvo Roadside
Land Rover Roadside
Jaguar Roadside

Special Equipment

Child safety seats are available.
We understand that many people travel outside Toronto with young children. We are proud to say that we carry a full stock of children and infant seats, only $5.99 to $8.99 per day.
Portable NAV systems are ideal for the traveler who is unsure of their destination or just needs help to plan their trip, only $14.99 per day.
You can reserve your child seat or portable NAV system on-line along with your vehicle reservation.

Travel Agents

We understand that travel agents have had a tough time recently with the airline carriers such as Air Canada, American Airlines, United Airlines, where commissions have been cut back.
In an effort to support travel agents, Toronto Luxury Car Rentals provides easy access to our rates for any travel in Toronto, Canada (listed directly on our home page).
We encourage you to use this Internet booking service or simply call your friendly travel agent for further assistance.

No Towing

Please note that we DO NOT allow any vehicles including 12 passenger vans and SUVs to tow any trailer.
Nothing is allowed to be connected or hitched to our vehicles at any time! This is a safety policy.

Underage Drivers

Our minimum age requirement is 23 years of age on regular class vehicles with a regular Class G driver’s license and 25 years of age on luxury and exotic vehicles. THERE IS AN UNDER AGE DRIVER SURCHARGE FOR YOUNG DRIVERS: 23 years of age: $20/day, 24 years of age: $10.00/day. You will also be required to provide a copy of a Personal Automobile Policy indicating that you are already an Insured driver with valid coverage.For extended rentals, some price reduction might be available. Please call with any questions.

Cargo Van Rental

A cargo van is a van with ONLY 2 seats. Any van rental that has any additional seating added after time of rental is considered to be modified and additional passengers will NOT be covered in the event of an accident.NO EXCEPTIONS. Thank You!

G1 Drivers Permit & G2 Drivers Permit

You CANNOT rent a vehicle if you have only a G1 Drivers Permit.
We do accept G2 Drivers permit providing that you are 23 years of age and have been driving for more than 1 year since the date the G2 license was issued, also you are required to supply a valid Insurance policy that indicates that you have are currently insured under a personal automobile policy for more than 6 months.
Surcharge of $10.00 per day will be applied for G2 drivers.

Drivers License Check

We reserve the right to electronically check a renter’s driver license.
The only information we are able to access is DMV information which is public knowledge.
Photo copies of licenses will be taken at time of rental.
There is a slight charge for this procedure.
Depending on the province, the charge can be $3.00-6.00.

Damaged Tires & Rims

The renter is fully responsible for all tire, wheel, and hubcap damage during the rental. Whether the tire and wheel were damaged by road hazard, driver error, or even a blowout, the renter will be held responsible and charged for any expenses to repair the vehicle and/or replace the tire and/or related components.
Replacement parts will be factory OEM, aftermarket parts are not permitted.
If towing is necessary, the renter is also responsible for all towing expenses and loss of use of automobile.
In the event you purchased the T&WDW at the time of rental your financial responsibility will be lowered to the amount indicated on the Rental Agreement.

Rental Extension Rates

If the renter decides to extend the rental period to a new date past the original return date on the rental agreement, this will automatically void any special pricing or rate that was associated with the original rental length, and the normal printed price sheet rental rate will then be applied to the total rental time starting from the first day of the original rental agreement. In other words; for example; if the renter was given a 2 day special price that included a certain discount, and then decided to extend the rental to 5 days, then the discount will no longer be valid and the total rental will be calculated by the regular printed price sheet price. Any exception must be given by the manager in writing.

Pet Hair, Dirt, and Odor

Our policy is clear and simple. No one wants to sit in a car that has pet hair or odor in it. So, please do not carry dogs or cats in the vehicle.
If you must, then cover the area where the pet is going to rest.
If the vehicle comes back with pet dirt/dander and/or odor, there WILL be an additional charge for cleaning and deodorizing the vehicle.
The minimum charge for removing the odors professionally is $150.00 plus HST.
Marijuana odor will result in a min. charge $500.00 plus the cost to replace cabin air filters in the vehicle.
Please be considerate as a lot of persons have fatal Asthma & are sensitive to odors.

Car Color or Model

We will always try to give you a specific color or model of car, but we CANNOT guarantee that a specific car will be available. However, you will get a similar car in the car class you reserved.

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) and Surcharges

For an additional charge, there will be optional vehicle protection available to cover the renter’s financial responsibility for damage or loss to the vehicle. This coverage, LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) is optional and may be declined providing you can supply valid coverage. There are several options that you may have. Many credit cards today give car rental insurance at no charge. Your own automobile policy from your personal automobile may also cover car rentals. It is wise to call these institutions and inquire if you have car rental insurance for non-owned automobiles. If you do have this insurance, then you do not and should not purchase Loss Damage Waiver from Toronto. If you have a debit or bank card, these cards DO NOT cover car rentals. Also, 12 passenger vans, commercial vans, full size SUVs, and some sports cars are NOT covered by any credit cards. If you rent a one of the above vehicles and do not supply your own insurance, you will be required to purchase LDW coverage in order to reduce your exposure to extreme potential losses.
Loss Damage Deductibles may increase if you are unable to proof you are an experienced driver. Providing a copy of your current ownership and/or automobile policy will ensure the lowest Loss Damage Deductible available for the vehicle you are renting.
NOTE: If you can not prove your driving experience, TLCR has the right to decline the rental of a specific vehicle.
If you need further explanation, we will gladly discuss it with you.

GPS Navigation DVD

Some of our vehicles are equipped with GPS Navigation, they operate with a navigation DVD which we supply with the vehicle.
If the vehicle is returned without the navigation DVD, the renter will be charged for a replacement DVD. The price of the DVD is approximately $300 CDN. Please do not remove the DVD from the special DVD player.

Right to Monitor

Toronto Luxury Car Rentals has the right to monitor and locate the vehicle through remote tracking devices or otherwise. The company has the right to disable and repossess the vehicle without demand at your expense at any time if illegally parked, used in breach of the geographic driving restrictions or used in violation of any law, payment obligations under the Agreement or the vehicle appears to be abandoned.
Renters may be responsible for additional charges if it appears that the vehicle was driven in a dangerous or reckless manner.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) provides accidental death and dismemberment coverage to the renter and all passengers in the car:

  • The renter is covered up to $100,000.00 for accidental death, 24 hours a day during the rental
  • The passengers are covered up to $10,000.00 for accidental death.

PAI provides the renter with up to $50.00 towards Emergency Road Service for:

  • Battery service
  • Changing of tire from rack to wheel
  • Cold weather starts
  • Delivery of gas to stranded vehicle
  • Key Lock Service
  • Mechanical first–aid service
  • Rescuing vehicle from ditch, snow or mud while in the car
  • up to $50.00 towards Mechanical Breakdown Towing to take the vehicle to the nearest service establishment for repairs.
  • up to $100.00 towards Collision Towing if the vehicle is disabled due to an accident.
  • up to $100.00 in Emergency Transportation funds to help cover necessary transportation costs.

No Show / Cancellation Fees:

There is a cancellation fee on reservations cancelled less than 48 hours before rental period.
Reservations cancelled before 48 hours of the reserved pick up date and time will NOT be penalized, however you will have to provide proof of the cancelled reservation via email to avoid any cancellation charges .
A min. (1) one day charge will be charged if you fail to pick up the reserved vehicle based on the rate charged on the booking. and min charge of $100.00 will be applicable.Deposits are not refundable only a future credit will be issue when reservations are not cancelled, and/or customer does not show.Reservations are valid and honored for up to three hours after the requested pick up time. If the vehicle is not picked up within three hours of the requested pick up time your reservation status will be changed to a NO SHOW.We ask that you contact Toronto Luxury Car Rentals if you need to change the pick-up time of your requested vehicle to avoid any problems.